Support for Carers

We recognise and value the role of informal Carers and see Carers as vital in planning and providing support to the person they care for.

Carers referral form

The term 'Carer' may be unfamiliar to you and it may seem strange to be described as one. In the UK, millions of people provide unpaid care or support to an adult family member or friend, either in their own homes or somewhere else. We use the term 'Carer' to describe anyone who looks after someone or feels responsible for someone who cannot manage at home without some support. This may be because of illness, disability, mental ill-health, learning disabilities and problems with drug and alcohol misuse.

'Caring' for someone covers lots of different tasks, like helping with a person's washing, dressing or eating, taking them to regular appointments or keeping them company when they feel lonely or anxious.

Giving care and support to someone can have an impact on your life. It can affect your mental and physical health. You may feel tired, or find it hard to stay in employment or take part in social activities. 

Young Carers

Family Action provides a Young Carers Service that supports young Carers, aged 18 years and under, living in Maidenhead, Windsor and Ascot.

If you think you are a young Carer, or you know of a young Carer who could do with some support please visit the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead's Carer's information page.

What help could you get?

A Carer's assessment will look at the different ways that caring affects your life and work out how you can carry on doing the things that are important to you and your family. Your wellbeing will be at the heart of this assessment. View our referral process here. 

You can have a Carer's assessment, regardless of whether the person you care for has eligible needs.

You may be eligible for a Carers Time Out Card, which gives access to a leisure centre to have a break from caring and to care for your own well-being.

For more information about support for Carers in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead visit their site, which includes information on how to:

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How do I get a carer's assessment?

To enquire, call: 01628 683 744 or email

You can also complete our Carers Referral form online here 

More information and support services for Carers, can be found on the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead's website.

The right help, at the right time

We will offer you advice and guidance to help you with your caring responsibilities and help you look after your own wellbeing.

You may also be eligible for support, such as a direct payment to spend on the things that make caring easier; or practical support, like arranging for someone to step in when you need a short break, known as respite care.

Respite care is important to both Carer and the cared for person. For the Carer it provides a break from their normal caring routine. For the cared for person it is an opportunity to enjoy a different environment or activity while receiving the care they need.

You may just prefer to be put in touch with local support groups, so you have people to talk to.

You can also complete our Carers Self Assessment form to help you and your social care coordinator work out what your needs are in relation to your caring role, and what outcomes you would like to achieve by having support.