Continuous Development

We regularly monitor and review our own services to ensure our standards stay at the highest they can be.


We're safe

Health and safety is always top of the agenda in our board meetings. As well as complying with current health and safety legislation in everything we do, we have our own policies and developed a health and safety manual for staff to ensure we maintain high standards across our services and minimise the risk to our customers. In our first year, we saw a 50% reduction in accidents and incidents and a 50% drop in the number of falls by people using our services.

We train our staff

Staff supervision meetings and staff appraisals are pivotal in ensuring the workforce’s learning needs are addressed. As well as short conventional courses and formal programmes, there are many opportunities for e-learning and peer learning through team workshops and job shadowing. We also encourage self-directed learning so individuals take ownership of finding out specific information and then discuss the outcomes with their manager. This blend of learning activities ensures staff are equipped with the necessary generalist knowledge, but also the specialist knowledge enabling them to provide high quality and individual care and support services.