Support at home for people to recover and regain independence (Reablement)

What you can expect: 

  • An assessment by a professional that takes into account your abilities and to establish if this service is appropriate for you.
  • Involvement of family or others who are important to you, to be involved in decisions, if you wish. 
  • Opportunity to ask questions.

At the start, you will receive

  • Visits from the Reablement team who will work with you to draw up a support plan to ensure you are kept safe and well.
  • Information about the service will be shared with you, and who to contact if you have questions or concerns.
  • Help to think about activities that might be challenging, and decide what support you need.

While you are receiving the service, we offer: 

  • Support from a range of people who may include Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Therapy Assistants, and Support Workers. They will review your progress whilst looking at your possible future needs from early on in the process.
  • Regular reviews and discussions to establish your future needs if any. How long you stay with the service will change depending on the progress you make.
  • Day to day entries to record the support you have received and your progress.

At the end of reablement, we will offer

  • A plan for transferring to another provider service(s), if you need ongoing support.
  • Information about other types of support available and how to access services should you need them in the future.
reablement looking at medication and mobility aids illustration

"They made you stand on your own two feet (quite literally), but were realistic about how far to take it. At first I needed more assistance, but in a short time they were taking a more supervisory role. The change was gradual, and before you know it you’ve moved to the next stage"