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We are proud of our commitment to quality. The quality of care and support we provide is always our focus and priority and we continually look for ways to improve.

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Our dedicated Governance and Quality Assurance Team are focused on providing a constructive, supportive and long-term approach to continuous improvement. The focus on quality is essential and ensures that our processes are efficient, safe, understood and most importantly, embedded for the safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff. Governance and Quality Assurance covers all areas of the business. 

We are signed up to the NCF Quality First Commitment we are committed to providing outstanding quality and continually improving services.

Optalis is committed to delivering high quality, sustainable services to our customers. We work to achieve this through transparent policies and by following the Governance Quality Framework to Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Following the continuous improvement cycle helps us strive for excellence and makes sure that Optalis' values are always put into action.

The term "quality assurance" means maintaining a high standard of quality, across the service, by continually measuring certain elements, for example, the 5 Baseline Quality Principles. We continually measure how safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led our services are. Not just in our CQC registered services, but across our day support and supported living services as well. 

We achieve compliance and assure quality through a number of different activities, processes and practices, with a constructive, supportive and shared approach towards long term continuous improvement. 

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Ensuring that policies and procedures are up to date, relevant, proportionate

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Ensuring leaner processes for achieving successful outcomes, through effective platforms, toolkits and technologies

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Implementing Lessons Learned framework and training

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Innovate for Quality recognising and encouraging opportunities

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Celebrating and rewarding best practice - Sharing good practices in a collaborative way

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Implementing Good Governance and embedding it's practices

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Focused compliance audits, relating to Risk and Quality principles

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Risk Management - identifying and managing risks with appropriate controls for effective decisions

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