Domestic help and meals

Adult social care does not provide cleaning as a one of service. We are unable to recommend specific cleaners but if needed you could contact Age UK, who may be able to support with sourcing or providing a cleaner. View more information on their Home help page.

There are various organisations who provide food delivery services – either hot to the door or frozen as well as shopping services. We are unable to recommend companies or organisations but have provided a list of resources for your information below:

Optalis and RBWM do not provide a gardening service through Adult social care. This is something that you would need to organise and pay for privately. We are unable to recommend individuals or companies.

The information about providers and services contained on this website does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by Optalis. We would strongly advise that before you use any of the services listed on this page, you carry out your own checks to ensure the organisation/group is suitable.