Wokingham is the best place to find work in the Southeast if you have a learning disability

Optalis and Wokingham Borough Council are proud to announce that Wokingham has ranked number one in the southeast and number two in the country on the Adult Social Cares Outcomes Framework under measure ‘1E: the proportion of adults with learning disability in paid employment’ for 2021-22.

Optalis Support Employment Service are a specialist team, who provide tailored support to people with a physical or learning disability, mental health issues, a long-term health condition, an acquired brain injury, neurodiversity, sensory impairment, substance use issues and carers.

Given the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the employment sector, this accomplishment is especially significant. Over the past few years, there has been a decrease in the number of people working for a living on a national level and is currently at only 4.8%.

The team have increased their impressive record with an astounding 20.7% of people in Wokingham Borough have a learning disability and are employed (up from 19.3% in 2021), more than four times the national average. Since 2019, Optalis's Supported Employment Service has kept Wokingham Borough in first place in the southeast making it a great place to find work if you have a learning disability.

Donna Morgans, Head of Supported Employment Services said:

"Our team have proven that they know and understand how to support and enable people find and maintain employment. To work with such a caring and dedicated team is a real honour. Over the last year we have developed several training programmes supporting our clients to develop their skills, increase confidence, and references. Our coaches provide individual tailored support, which has enabled our clients to reach their employment goals"

Optalis provides a range of support and care services for older people, adults with a disability and people with mental health needs both in the community and at home, on behalf of Wokingham Borough Council and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Image description: 

Proportion of people with Learning disabilities in paid employment - Optalis Supported Employment Service 

Purple graphic with map of England to the left and employment rates highlighted next to the map. 

  • 4.5% (down from 5.1% in 2021) of people with a learning disability in England in paid employment 
  • 6.6% (up from 6.1% in 2021) of people with a learning disability in the South East in paid employment
  • Number 1 - Optalis Rank number one in the South East.

To the right of the map, blocks highlighting more employment ratings and figures: 

  • National rank - 1st Hartlepool, 2nd Wokingham, Optalis, 3rd Windsor and Maidenhead 
  • 20.7% of people with a learning disability in Wokingham in paid employment through Optalis Support Employment service (Up from 19.3% in 2021)

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