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The Birches ‘Dream’ Team go all out to ensure customer’s ultimate relaxation in their new bed!

When Anya*, who lives at The Birches Extra Care Service required a new specialist bed, she was very worried about using it, as it looked very daunting and was a big change for her.

Training was arranged to help her get used to her bed and to ensure the staff team could support her to use it. However during the days prior to the training, Anya was becoming very worried. To distract Anya from her worries, she and the team joked that the staff would be coming over for a pyjama party while they were being trained.

The team wanted to put Anya at ease and make her smile, so they decided to make their joke a reality, and turn up to the training wearing pyjamas.

Anya adds: 

“The staff where brilliant that day and really helped put my mind at ease. I enjoyed using them as guinea pigs as they did the training with me in the room. The whole experience, which could have been very scary, was made so much fun, I laughed all the way through with thanks to the amazing staff.”

*Name has been changed at person’s request.

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