Modern Comfort and Care: Julie's Transformative Journey at Beeches Manor Extra Care Scheme

Julie reflected that, when people think about a care home or care setting, their view is often that it is old fashioned, but that’s not the case at Beeches Manor. Julie moved into Beeches Manor five years ago. in that time she has made her flat very homely, with decor and furnishings to suit her tastes.

Julie explained “When I first moved here my life was very different. I was in a bad place with my physical and emotional health. I was having a rough time following a separation and was extremely low.” Julie lives with arthritis and a serious fall resulted in 2 broken hips. She said “It was eight hours before I was found. My son eventually broke into my place and called an ambulance. After that, he wasn’t keen on me living alone. He wanted me to come and live with him, but I wanted my independence.”

Julie and her family found Beeches Manor Extra Care Scheme, which was conveniently located and offered the safe environment she needed. Julie said “My six children all live nearby, so I regularly go out and about with them. I’m close to town, which is great. Most importantly, if anything happens to me, I know I can ring my buzzer and the support staff will be here. Honestly, I know this sounds corny, but the staff are superb. I trust them 100% and I feel like they are part of my extended family.”

Julie continued “I am a diabetic and I’ve had episodes when my sugar levels have gone mad. The care I’ve received here has been amazing. They’ve also provided reassurance to my children, keeping in touch with my daughter all the time I was in hospital to let her know what was going on.”

The set up at Beeches Manor is exactly what Julie wanted. She has her own privacy, but never feels too far away from people. She said “We all look out for each other and help out where we can. There is always someone you can chit chat too. Quite often people walk past my window and say hello.”

Julie pondered how far she has come since moving to Beeches Manor: “My mobility isn’t great, and I live with discomfort, but despite that I feel like I have a new lease of life.

When I first moved here my confidence was zilch, but the team here have helped me become a better version of myself. I have so much admiration and respect for the work the team do.”

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