Supported Employment Service reflects on another successful travel training program.

Over the past few months, the SES team have been working with local groups to explore train travel. The team have supported at least 67 students on their Try a Train programme. The programme offers practical support to individuals to become more confident using local train travel and is carried out in partnership with Great Western Railway and Southeast Communities Rail Partnership.

Group travelling on train, speaking to ticket inspector

The programme consisted of a series of workshops where participants learned about planning a journey, ticket purchasing, accessing assistance when needed, and navigating through train stations. It also included a trial journey, where participants put their newly acquired skills to the test.

Students shared their feedback to representatives from Great Western Railway and Southeast Communities Rail Partnership at a small gathering in March. Comments included 

“The support I was given was enough and I have more knowledge on travelling by train” and “I recommend for everyone to join in and become more confident”

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