Men in Sheds at Boyn Grove Create OPTALIS Coronation Car for Local Children's Hospice

The Men in Sheds team at Boyn Grove were recently tasked with a unique project: the renovation of a children’s ride-on car. The team took a break from railway modelling to spruce the vehicle up, and make it relevant to the Coronation events coming up at Optalis. With the help of John Whatmore website design, they were able to add logos and other design elements that reflected the theme of the celebrations.

The team were excited to take on a new challenge. They got to work on sprucing up the ride-on car, which had been donated for the project. Their first task was to give it a thorough cleaning and inspection to assess the necessary repairs. The finished product was truly a sight to behold, the car is now fit for a Coronation!

The car will be gifted to a local children’s hospice this summer, where it will undoubtedly bring joy to many children. The Men in Sheds team at Boyn Grove efforts have resulted in a beautiful and unique gift for a worthy cause.

Andy and Deane Tyson Mayes pictured with refurbished car

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