Sharon's Blog - Part 2

"Have you tried the newest diet craze? A shift of care work, 38 degrees and nylon uniforms, guaranteed to shed those unwanted pounds. Thank goodness the weather has cooled down, if we thought it was hot in the office (which we did), with the added benefit of fans and occasional air conditioning when it was working, spare a thought for the frontline heroes who were out there without any cooling tools and then going into properties with all the windows closed and the heating on!!!! Well not all of us feel the heat the same! I’m just pleased that they all made it through the hot spell without melting and with a smile on their face

Well it’s been another busy week and all this with no administrator, not sure who authorized those holidays, note to self don’t do it again!!!!! Another 7 new customers for us to get to know and assist with getting back to being more independent which is great and always proves a challenge, but one we relish.

It’s been great having the occupational therapists based in our office and doing all the first visits with the seniors. We’re all getting to know each other and how we all work and of course copious amounts of sweet treats always smooths the path, though I think we’ve all put a few pounds on this week – never mind – the next heatwave will sort that out…"

If you want to be part of this hardworking but fun team, check out the START (we are looking for a reablement assistant at this moment) vacancies at

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