Community Lives customers get together for a Planning Day.

For the first time since the pandemic, customers from across our Community Lives services came together for an event. They met at the Dinton Pastures venue, for a Planning Day. The meeting focused on gathering feedback for the day service consultation currently underway for Wokingham Borough Council, with group members sharing ideas to continue to develop Community Lives.

At the event the group shared how they like to spend their time by creating an ‘ideal day’ poster, they also talked about how the day service has helped them to learn new things and enjoy time with friends. The group then went on to discuss how lockdown changed their lives, what activities they stopped and what people hope to start up again. It was positive to hear how people found opportunity during the pandemic with some people beginning new hobbies, such as song writing and growing vegetables and hearing about people’s talents and what they enjoy doing.

Jodie Reichelt, Head of Engagement and Customer Service, shared the Community Lives model (include the infographic). The group talked through what each focus area means and shared their own ideas, for the sorts of things they would like to do. One area that garnered a lot of interest was volunteering opportunities. Our members thought volunteering was a good way to develop skills, build friendships and give back to the local community.

It was great to share a space again where people could talk about their experiences and help shape their services. The feedback will form part of a report for Wokingham Borough Council and Community Lives to help to build the offer of day support in the borough, focusing on what people want and need in their lives following the pandemic. The emphasis is on building community opportunities and support, which support people to achieve their potential and live a good life.

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