A special birthday celebration

Philip really enjoys a party. His plans to celebrate his birthday were disrupted when his poor health, led to a 4-week hospital stay.
Wendy and her team, Becky, Kim, Clare and Laurie, who support people with learning disabilities to live independently in their own homes, were not about to let that get in the way of his celebrations.

They decided to take the party to him, in hospital. Becky, Philip’s Support Worker, said: 

“Philip was so pleased to see me arrive on the ward with my arms full. We sung ‘Happy Birthday’, and he absolutely LOVED his cake, balloon and presents.”

Philip is a huge Minion fan, so another Optalis colleague, Kelly, had organised a special birthday cake for him. The team had liaised with the hospital team to ensure Philip had his personal care needs met, before the party started so he could go straight into his birthday celebrations. He opened his presents and the team helped him build his new model houses, whilst he tried on his new headphones.

They enjoyed a few snacks together, and drunk his favourite Diet Coke. Every doctor, nurse, tea lady, cleaner and patient that came by made an effort to wish him well on his birthday, he had a really special time.

Minion cake

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