10 reasons why we’re so excited to be celebrating our tenth birthday

Optalis is hitting a big milestone in 2021: 10 years of helping colleagues and customers to fulfil their potential! The official “birthday” is June 6, but over the next few months, we will be celebrating as much as we can!

Here are just 10 reasons why we’re so excited to reach this particular milestone.

  1. We get to work with and support thousands of people in our community each year to find the right care and support so that they can enjoy a fulfilling life. And those customers do some pretty. awesome. things
  2. We have over 700 talented, caring and experienced colleagues working with us, who are passionate about helping the people we support to find the right care, stay independent and live the life they want.
  3. Our teams regularly achieve accreditation for a range of quality measures, including Support With Confidence, ASCOF rankings and “Good” CQC outcomes and one of our talented colleagues even scooped the Social Worker Lifetime Achievement Award!
  4. We pride ourselves on co-creating and co-designing our services, with our staff forums, surveys and customer workshops. We listen at all levels, to ensure our colleagues and customers have the opportunity to influence the way that services are designed, commissioned and delivered.
  5. We focus on developing the talent of our team members within our organisation, from our full training packages, to apprenticeships and student placements.
  6. We know that the people we support and work with are constantly changing and developing, so are we! We embrace change and continually seek ways to improve, Optalis is always learning and adopting new ways to help people live well.
  7. We’re proud to focus on the wellbeing of our team members. With our commitment to the Mindful Employer Charter and our 5 Mental Health First aiders working alongside our Mindful Employer Champion, and are passionate about helping all our colleagues improve their wellbeing.
  8. And We’re always looking for the best and the brightest to join our team! Our recruitment process has a strong emphasis on finding the right people, with the right values for the job.
  9. It’s hard to keep a business going, especially in tough economic times, with reducing care budgets and not to mention a pandemic. Optalis successfully made it through the Great Recession (2007-2009) and the Global Covid Pandemic, and we’re stronger than ever.
  10. After 10 years of growth and success, we can’t wait for what’s in store for the next 10!

Stay tuned for more coverage of Optalis birthday celebrations throughout the year.

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