Wokingham’s Social Care Future

On the 17th July we will be launching our vision for adult social care in the Wokingham borough. The theme for our event is ‘An Equal Life!’.

We are inviting you to share what living an equal life, means to you. We are looking for photographs, artwork, short videos, poems or anything else that helps you express what matters most to you. This could be the people in your life, places you go, things you do or equipment you use to help you live a full and independent life.

To take part, simply email your submission to GetInvolved@wokingham.gov.uk. Please note, you must have the full consent of any people featured.

The deadline for submissions is 12th June 2023.

We will display as many submissions as possible at our event in July.

For more information, or if you have any questions please contact Jodie on 0118 977 8600 or email GetInvolved@wokingham.gov.uk

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  1. This project is managed by Optalis in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council.
  2. You give us permission to use the submission you have shared with us.
  3. If you have submitted a photograph, you must ensure that every person featured has given their expressed consent.
  4. Submissions will be selected for display at the Wokingham’s Social Care Future Gathering on 17th July 2023. There is no guarantee that every submission will be used.
  5. Your submission will only be used to help support the aims of Wokingham’s Social Care Future. If we plan to use your submission for anything other than the event on 17th July, we will contact you to discuss.
  6. If you make a submission and later wish to change your mind, you must notify us by email, no later than Monday 10th July 2023. The content will be displayed at the event.
  7. For more information about how we will take care of your personal data, please see the Optalis Privacy Notice

Wokingham is signed up to the Social Care Future vision, find out more: https://socialcarefuture.org.uk/