Short Term Support and Rehabilitation Team

We provide short-term support to help people recover or cope after a decline in health, an injury or an illness.

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What you can expect:

The people we can help are:

  • Residents in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, or registered patients at a GP based in the Borough.
  • Adults, aged 18 and up.
  • In need of intensive therapy and rehabilitation or social care support.
  • Well enough to be supported at home.
  • In need of short-term help (up to six weeks; often as little as one-two weeks or less).
  • Willing to give consent to a support plan, with realistic jointly-agreed goals. This plan could include specialist therapy and rehabilitation services.
  • People who cannot consent can involve their friends and family, advocates, or other professionals in the decision to accept services.

  • An assessment by a professional that takes into account your abilities and to establish if this service is appropriate for you.
  • Involvement of family or others who are important to you, to be involved in decisions, if you wish.
  • Opportunity to ask questions.

At the start, you will receive

  • Visits from the Reablement team who will work with you to draw up a support plan to ensure you are kept safe and well.
  • Information about the service will be shared with you, and who to contact if you have questions or concerns.
  • Help to think about activities that might be challenging, and decide what support you need.
  • Help to think about the equipment that can support you, such as a raised toilet seat, or minor adaptations to your home, such as grab rails or stair rails.

While you are receiving the service, we offer:

  • Support from range of people who may include Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Therapy Assisstants, and Support Workers. They will review your progress whilst looking at your possible future needs from early on in the process.
  • Regular reviews and discussions to establish your future needs if any. How long you stay with the service will change depending on the progress you make.
  • Help to rebuild or improve your strength and mobility through exercise
  • Learning or re-learning skills
  • Support to help you manage personal care (washing and dressing) and other daily tasks such as meal preparation
  • Day to day entries to record the support you have received and your progress.

At the end of reablement, we will offer

  • A plan for transferring to another provider service(s), if you need ongoing support.
  • Information about other types of support available and how to access services should you need them in the future.
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"Two lovely ladies brought items to help my mother (commode, stool for washing etc.). They came every day until my parents could cope again."
Reablement worker talking to customer

Megan's apprenticeship has led to full time career.

Starting her apprenticeship journey in a new rotational apprenticeship programme, Megan has now joined our reablement team in a permanent role. Apprenticeships work as a pathway to full time careers!

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