Westmead customers enjoy their hobbies and explore local attractions.

A group of people we support at Westmead, recently visited the new activity centre at Dinton Pastures near Winnersh. They really enjoyed the view out over the lake and the number of swans swimming around with their young. The group were keen to return to try out the pedalos and the tasty snacks on offer at the restaurant. Between trips out and about, some people enjoyed their hobbies back at the service. David is an incredible 93-year-old artist, who has been attending Westmead for around 20 years! This month he has been sketching the beautiful roses in the Westmead garden. Will, has also been busy, creating bird tables. Pictured is his latest creation, which is currently for sale at £20, with the option for it to be painted in a choice of colours.

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