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The Learning Disabilities Day Service New Year’s Resolution

Monday 29 January 2018

We are using this opportunity to talk to our customers and parent/carers about what they can do to help.  One of our first steps is saving plastic bottle tops which can be recycled – and used to make garden furniture and children’s toys for the benefit of various charities.  We are also stopping the use of single-use plastic water cups and instead we will be asking our customers and colleagues to bring in a named re-usable water bottle. We will no longer purchase plastic straws for our customer use but will be using paper ones instead.   We have re-usable bags in the service so that we do not need to use carrier bags. 

FACT: Did you know that the number of plastic bags found on beaches have reduced by 22% since bag charges were introduced? 

Please have a think about the changes you can make a difference by reducing plastic waste We will be sharing our tips for further plastic reduction with you in future communications.

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