Suffolk Lodge residents bake away!

Residents from Suffolk Lodge made and baked lemon tarts for their morning coffees this week. It's one of the regular activities they take part in at the care home, with the assistance of staff.

Activities Coordinator at Suffolk Lodge, Rebecca Craker, said: "Baking activities are really good for eye to hand co-ordination, motor skills, and socialising. It creates a forum for discussion and reminiscing about past baking or likes and dislikes of food.

"I am often surprised at those who, because of dementia, may not remember the process of how to bake when we talk to them about it, but actually give them some pastry and it just comes back as second nature. For this particular generation, it appears that most baked or were taught baking skills at home.

"I find that activities that involve more of the body's senses have the most beneficial impact to our residents. It also gives them a sense of achievement at having made something together."

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