Police visit to Earley Day Service

Customers using our Day Service (based at the Crescent Centre) had a treat on Thursday September 19, when two police officers from Thames Valley Police’s Earley Neighbourhood Team - PC Adie Hodges and PC Dominic Prime - attended the Crescent Centre to give a small group of our customers a talk. They explained who they were, what their role involved, and described how they worked within the community.

The session was really interactive, with PCs Hodges and Prime bringing various items of police uniform with them for customers to try on, including assorted helmets and protective vests! They were also shown the utility belts that the officers wear, which contained handcuffs, spray, a baton, and a radio. The group were also very interested in the marked police car the PCs arrived in, and pleased to have the opportunity to actually sit and take a look inside!

Overall, the talk was very well-presented by the officers - it was fun but informative. Questions asked of them included: “what self-defence do you do?” and “what do you say when you arrest somebody?”

Karen Griffiths, Support Worker for Optalis, and who organised the visit, said: “The visit was important, as it provides us with a valuable link between officers from the local police station at Loddon Valley and our day service – which is based just a short distance away. Our clients hear and see various police activity on a regular basis (due to the close proximity of the station), and meeting the officers gave them an insight into what goes on, and the chance to ask any questions they may have.

“I am very grateful and appreciative that the officers were able to find time in their busy schedule to come and visit the group, and we look forward to seeing them both again in the future.”

PC Adie Hodges said: "I really enjoyed the time I spent with the group. I’ve been a Police Officer for more than 24 years and have visited and talked to various groups young and old, and can honestly say that my visit to the Crescent Centre was one of the most warmest and rewarding talks that I have done. The group all participated, and it was clear that they appreciated my attendance.

"I intend to pop in to the centre now and again when I’m out and about to continue the contact."

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