People with learning disabilities have their say at Optalis conference

The ‘Have Your Say’ conference explored the importance of people with learning disabilities having choice and control over their lives, helping to achieve the company’s 2020 strategic objective to ‘ensure customers are involved in enhancing, developing and creating services that deliver the best possible experience.’

The interactive event brought Optalis’ customers together to voice their opinions about the care and support they received, as well as offering real opportunities for customers to influence the service provided.

The conference also celebrated the 100th anniversary since women were allowed to vote.

Optalis is joining other organisations across the UK in campaigning to ensure that people with disabilities have the right support and information to be able to have their vote.

Cllr Richard Dolinksi, Wokingham Borough Council Executive Member for Adult Social Care, Health & Wellbeing, said: “It was a privilege to have attended the Optalis Customer Conference, especially to have witnessed the energy and enthusiasm of all the participants.

“I was particularly impressed by the presentation on our democratic right to vote, something that I am very passionate about. I believe that everyone’s voice needs to be heard. Thank you Optalis for facilitating this.”

Martin Farrow, CEO at Optalis, added: “Customers co-produced the Optalis business strategy and we continue to work closely with them to make sure that the organisation is run in the way people want. This event was created by people with learning disabilities for people with learning disabilities with the focus on inclusivity where voices are heard and opinions count.”

Jacob, an Optalis customer, said: “The event was really exciting, it’s the first time I have voted.”

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People with learning disabilities have their say at Optalis conference

'Have Your Say' conference explores how vital it is for people with learning disabilities to have choice and control over their lives