Optalis feature in the National Care Forum’s ‘Caring in Covid’ project.

Optalis has been featured in the National Care Forum’s ‘Caring in Covid’ project twice. 

The project aims to highlight how social care providers responded and adapted to the coronavirus pandemic. And Optalis, which works across Berkshire, is recognised multiple times for its work over the last year. Not only will the ebook become part of the British Library collection for future generations, it also acknowledges the legacy of 2020 and the role care providers played in the fight against COVID-19.

“It is fantastic that Optalis has been included in the Caring for Covid project,” said David Birch, company CEO. “We have been working very hard during the pandemic to support our staff and our community in the very best way we can.”

The first feature shares insights from those supported by Optalis where they talk about the impact of lockdown, on page 28. And the second feature highlights how Optalis provided resources for staff whilst keeping customers safe during the pandemic, on page 120. 

Caring in Covid is now available to download from the NCF website or you can click on the link below.

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