Jade and Daisy

Jade and Daisy share their culinary adventures

Recently, Boyn Grove Community Lives introduced a new cookery session. Two people involved, Jade and Daisy have shared their experience with us:

For the past two weeks we have been preparing and cooking food on a Tuesday, which is then served at the Fashion café on a Wednesday.

Last week we made chilli con carne, and this week we made vegetable soup. We have had very good feedback from customers who bought it for their lunch, and this made us very happy.

We have learnt how to chop vegetables, kitchen hygiene such as cleaning and tidying surfaces before we start and at the end of the session.

Also, it’s very important to wash your hands and make sure you are fit to prepare food.

Next week, we are going to make a roasted tomato soup and then some Rice Krispie Easter cakes that we can try too.

It’s hard work but good fun. Chop, chop, chop!

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