From Wasteland to Wonderland

Derek Johns, who is the son-in-law of one of the residents at the home, has done wonders in transforming the garden from a wasteland to a wonderland complete with creative woodland animals.

Maintaining such a big garden has always been quite a challenge says Carla Cashley, Optalis Activities Co-ordinator. “When Derek saw the unkempt state of the back garden, he took it upon himself to completely overhaul it, not only for his mother-in-law’s benefit but for the benefit of all the other residents and their visitors. The walk ways which were out of use are now accessible because of Derek’s hard work. We would like to express our utmost gratitude.”

Derek has also created a selection of woodland animals including owls, rabbits and deer which he has beautifully carved from left-over logs. They are also a feature of the garden making it a pleasure for visitors to the transformed space.

In recognition of Derek’s outstanding contribution, the manager of Suffolk Lodge has put him forward for an award normally only afforded to Optalis colleagues. Wendy Luck, manager, said, ‘Derek has not only the designed the garden but personally carried out all the work and we felt it was the least we could do to recognise and thank him for his efforts’.

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