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From a ‘house’ to a ‘home’

For the people we support, families and the team at Loddon Bridge Independent Living Service it has been busy year. They have been hard at work, rethinking what the Independent Living Service looks and feels like. Their mission was to create a place people call home and it's been a transformative journey.

Daily life at Loddon Bridge has become a vibrant mixture of activities and personalisation. From creative activities like painting and spelling, to fun social gatherings including discos, pub outings, and Thames River cruises, the men who live there are experiencing life to the fullest. One gentleman's love for word searches has been nurtured, and he's learned to create and design his own word searches.

Another aspect of this transformation is how the team has responded to requests by the gentlemen to create a homely atmosphere. The new build served as the perfect blank canvas. Rooms that were once plain and utilitarian have been given a new lease of life, thanks to the talents of one of the gentleman’s sister who is an interior designer. With the space now looking bright, welcoming and colourful.

Communication is key, and Loddon Bridge embraces it wholeheartedly. Positive emails regularly fill the inbox, showcasing the dedication of the team and their ability to swiftly respond to any concerns, ideas and queries.

Loddon Bridge Independent Living Service has managed to create a warm, welcoming environment where people don't just receive care; they have a home where they can enjoy what matters most to them.

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