Lives worth talking about

Donna goes to Westminster

Optalis Supported Employment Service Manager Donna Morgans will be attending a national service of celebration and hope dedicated to ‘Lives Worth Talking About’ on 9 May at Westminster Abbey.

The event has been organised by DrugFam which was founded in 2006, following the death of Nicholas Mills, who died by suicide in 2004 after a long battle with addiction. DrugFAM’s aim is to ensure no families; friends or carers are left living in isolation, fear and ignorance of national support. The organisation has since become a nationally respected charity for the support of families affected by addiction.

Donna was invited to attend because of her work supporting people with substance misuse issues since 2005.

The service is intended to be a unifying event which will inspire national conversations to challenge the prejudice and stigma of addiction. It will also provide an opportunity for families to proudly and publicly remember the lives of those lost to addiction, and to acknowledge the strength and courage of all those who are affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol misuse. These are all ‘Lives Worth Talking About’.

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