Care at our heart

Suffolk Lodge Care Home Manager, Charlotte Sehmi, tells us “I want to share what an amazing and kind-hearted team we have at Suffolk Lodge. Recently, our Team Leader, Paige Lamport, was making her way into work. While walking through town she came across an elderly gentleman who seemed confused and distressed. People were going about their business around him, but Paige sensed something wasn’t right and stopped to talk to him. The man did not remember where he lived, so Paige walked with him to Suffolk Lodge. We contacted Adult Services to see how we might help the man get home. Paige and other members of the team tried to make him comfortable. They sat with him, gave him a drink and food.

It turned out the man was living with dementia and had been struggling to care for himself. By this time it was late on Friday so we offered the man a respite bed over the weekend, until care could be put in place. After a long time talking it through with him and his daughters who were not local and a friend, he chose to return home. A social worker drove him home and arranged emergency support for over the weekend. Paige agreed to accompany him home, as he was reluctant to leave her. Paige and the social worker made sure he was ok and safe before leaving.”

We are so proud of Paige, and the compassion and quick thinking she showed that day. The man and his family were also very grateful for what she did and kindly sent a box of doughnuts as a token of appreciation.

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