Bee(ing) Inspired at Suffolk Lodge!

Carers at Suffolk Lodge received Bee Inspired training earlier this month. Bee Inspired is a dementia care training programme provided by Dementia UK.

A member of staff said: "Having worked at Suffolk Lodge for many years, I have never had the chance to go on an inspiring course as good as Bee Inspired before. It brought a wealth of ideas for me as a carer to roll out to my colleagues at work, it helped me understand more about choice in dementia along with dignity.

"I watched a film that brought tear to everyone’s eyes and it was about being patient with a resident who was locked in their body and if you don’t succeed the first time try and try again but most of be patient and relate with that person something that will help them respond.

"Bee inspired has given me confidence to reach out to people with dementia and help them make choices in their life that is theirs and not what “we” see as right for them. If a resident puts their shoe on the wrong foot, we should praise them and not say ”Oh, you've got your shoe on the wrong foot” as this is such an achievement for people who have difficulty in coordinating some of the skills that usually comes so naturally to all of us.

Service Manager Wendy Luck said: "Bee Inspired also offers ongoing support, and Optalis have invested in the tool for Suffolk Lodge to enable continuous development for staff. I hope that one day soon we'll become a centre of excellence with staff who have had this type of training. It allows the whole team to deliver the highest standards of care to all of our residents."

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