Supported Housing

This easy guide talks about 'background support' in simple words and pictures

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Optalis staff give background support at 2 Supported Housing Services, called Hillside and Oakfield Court.

Tenancy Agreement

Background support is support which is there to help you keep your tenancy agreement.


We provide 'on-site' background support. This means that the support is provided where you live, and not in and around your community.

Person centred

We are person centred. This means that the way we help you will depend on what support you want and need. However, we can only help with certain tasks.

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These are some of the things that are included in background support:

1. Understanding any official letters or emails that you receive

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2. Filling in forms (for example, applying for a bus pass)

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3. Making any health appointments

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4. Making referrals (for example, asking for your care needs to be looked at by a social worker)

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5. Managing any of your support arrangements

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6. Giving you reminders, for example to take your medication or that an important date is coming up

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7. Making complaints and helping you to resolve any problems

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8. Emotional support

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9. Making any housing related payments

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9. Arranging for any repairs needed for your home (inside and outside)

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10. Helping to sort out any neighbour disagreements

Care Plan 1

You may have a care provider to help you with the things that are not covered by background. Things like, helping you to get washed and dressed or cleaning your home.