Making a Complaint

An easy guide on how to tell us you are not happy, using simple words and pictures

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Talk to us if you are unhappy about your care and support. We promise to:

- Make it easy for you to share your views

- Treat you fairly

- Respond to you quickly

- Do our best to help you get the result you want

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You can make a complaint if:

- There are people making you feel unhappy.

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- If you think a staff member has broken the rules.

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We might ask you to give us some more information on your complaint.

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We will listen to everything that you tell us.

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We will then tell you what we have done or are going to do to as a result of what you have told us.

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If you are unhappy and would like to make a complaint you can talk to a member of staff or ask to speak to the manager of the service and tell them about it.


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If you are unhappy with the care and support we provide to you

call us on 0118 977 8600


email us on

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If you live in the Windsor or Maidenhead area and you are unhappy with the way your care and support has been arranged by the Adult Services Team you can

visit Adult services complaints | Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (