Keeping You Safe

This easy guide talks about keeping you safe from abuse, in simple words and pictures.

Threatening carer

Abuse is when someone hurts you or treats you badly.

Abuse is always wrong and should not happen.

Dont let strangers

Abuse can happen anywhere and at any time.

The abuser may be a stranger or someone the person knows.

Tell friend

If some hurts you or treats you badly, tell someone who you trust.

You could tell a family member or friend, your care staff, a doctor or the police.

Safeguarding Circle medium

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is protecting everyone's rights to be safe and free from abuse.

Safeguarding Alert

What is a safeguarding alert?

This is when we are told that someone may not be safe.

We will look at the information that we are given to make sure that we are keeping everyone safe.

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Safeguarding Meeting

If you or someone else is unsafe we will hold a meeting with them.

At this meeting we will look at ways that we can make them feel safe.

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What would happen at this meeting?

We will work with the person who is unsafe to put together a plan to help keep them safe.

Agree Plan medium

What happens with the plan?

We will regularly check the plan to make sure that it is working.

We will keep working with the individual until things are better for them.

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What happens when you or the person who felt unsafe is safe again?

This means that we can stop helping them now and will not need to have any more meetings.

However, if they do need any help in the future then we can help them again.