Want to know what our customers say about us? Here is a list of five recent testimonials

Our monthly compliments also give you an idea of how we deliver our services and the support we offer to our customers to help them reach their full potential.

1) October's compliment of the month 


This compliment, was chosen because it showed how much the team were able to help the couple, with their useful advice and support:

“To the very caring and busy START service - who really did….restart our lives! Thank you so much for kindness, cheerful personality and gentleness of each one of you, much appreciated by (us both). We learnt a lot from you and will continue to use all ideas forever - inspired by your selfless service I have put you all on my daily prayer list.”

2) November's compliment of the month 


This compliment, was chosen because the service made an impact at such a difficult time.

“I just wanted to pass on the praise J gave the staff. They said the planning through the last 18 months has been really good, especially the ‘bubbles’ to ensure safety in the day centre. Special praise from them was for Maxine. She said the zoom calls made G laugh like she had not seen before. She said it really got him through a difficult time.”

3) December's compliment of the month

CONGRATULATIONS to the Lady Elizabeth House Team

This compliment, was chosen because it showed how the team supported the whole family as well as the customer.

“Our family wanted to let you all know how grateful we are that mum got to move into Lady Elizabeth House and be looked after by all you girls. We know she wasn’t the easiest person to care for, often showing her true colours. You took this in your stride with a smile on your face….She loved each and every one of you and often told us of the fun you had when you were caring for her. We felt we lost so much time with her with the covid lockdown but we knew mum was in good hands with all of you…It was such a tough time for us, we had been told so many times she may not pull through but mum always proved the doctors wrong. You girls watched along with us as her health went up and down, never believing she wouldn't do it again. Those last few weeks together we made some amazing memories not just with us, but with you girls too. You didn't just care for mum but you looked out for us too, we couldn't of got through them days without you all. Mum was surrounded by people who loved her and we are not just talking about her family but all you girls too, her Lady Elizabeth family. We don't think there will ever be a way to thank you for what you did for mum and for us, words just wouldn't be enough, but we will never forget it…”.

4) January's compliment of the month


This compliment, was chosen because it’s clear how much the team has helped the customer:

“This service has provided me with an opportunity which I may not have achieved elsewhere. The support has been fantastic. 1:1 coaching support has allowed me to feel comfortable and supported at my job. I have built a good relationship with all coaches... The experience has been brilliant. Friendly staff who provide great updates and feedback about my performance. I have been supported really well.”

5) February's compliment of the month


This compliment was made from a fellow colleague at Wokingham Borough Council

"Thank you and your team for your support last Thursday when I came to Suffolk Lodge to assess (a resident) under the Mental Health Act. I would particularly like to thank, Lisa and Rhonda for their patient, calm and professional approach. They were excellent and quite simply, I don’t think we would have managed to get (him) into the ambulance without using physical restraint if they had not supported him in this way. I would also like to thank you for the support you extended to (his wife). She was understandably very distressed by the whole situation but I am so pleased that she was able to see (her husband) before he left for (hospital)."

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