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Assessing your care and support needs

We provide support for people who live in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to find and arrange the right care for yourself or your loved one. Our teams are here to help you with each step of the process. 

The assessment

When we assess you, as a minimum you may be given information and signposting to other services, and ways that you might find funding to pay for them. However, if your needs meet the national eligibility criteria, we will have to meet these needs.

The local authority will involve you throughout the assessment to identify what your needs are and how these impact on your wellbeing. They will also discuss with you how you wish to live your life and whether there are certain aims you would like to achieve but you are unable to do so because of your care and support needs.

The assessment will start to consider how your care needs might be met. This could include identifying how preventative services like simple aids (such as devices to open jars and tins more easily), adaptations to your home (such as handrails) or information about support available in the community might meet your need. It will also identify if you have a higher level of need where you may need help in your own home or care in a care home.

The assessment will be carried out in a way that ensures your involvement and that takes the right amount of time to capture all of your needs.

If you have a friend or family member looking after you as an unpaid carer, they can have a carer's assessment to see if they need support to carry on their caring role.

We will give you a copy of your needs assessment or carer's assessment.

To read about the national eligibility criteria please view our eligibility webpage.

Local authorities' duty to carry out a needs assessment

Optalis provide this service on behalf of the Royal Borough of  Windsor and Maidenhead

Local authorities have a duty to assess a person who appears to need care and support. They may need care and support because of:

  • serious illness,
  • physical disability,
  • sensory need,
  • learning disability,
  • mental health problems or frailty because of old age.

We are obliged to carry out a needs assessment when we become aware that someone may be in need of care and support. This may mean that an assessment is offered even if you have not specifically requested one. Alternatively, you can contact us to ask for an assessment.

Normally, an assessment is carried out before a service can be provided by us. If you need care urgently, we may be able to meet these needs without completing the assessment first, for example if there is an unexpected crisis.

Local authorities' duty to carry out a carer's assessment

Optalis provide this service on behalf of the Royal Borough of  Windsor and Maidenhead

Local authorities have a duty to carry out a carer's assessment where a carer appears to need support.

The carer's assessment will consider the carer's need for support and what may be needed to help the carer to continue with their caring role. The assessment can be offered even if the carer has not asked for one.

Needs assessments and local authority funding

If you disagree with your needs assessment, support plan or personal budget, there are ways that decisions can be challenged or you can make a complaint.

National Eligibility Criteria for Care and Support

In order to decide whether the Royal Borough should assist you with your care needs, we have eligibility criteria. Since April 2015 the Royal Borough have been using the national eligibility criteria for access to adult care and support and for access to carer support.

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