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What is supported employment?

We believe that anyone can become employed if they are motivated, given the right job and the right support. Supported Employment is a flexible and continuous process, designed to make that happen. Please see the Supported Employment Model below.. You can read more about the model on the next page.

How we work

You will be invited to attend an appointment with one of our specialist Job Coaches at our office in Wokingham, where you will be able to discuss your employment goals and aspirations, and what support you need. You will be allocated your own Job Coach who will provide support to enable you to reach your employment goals.

Already in work?

If you are experiencing problems in the workplace because of your disability, we are able to support you to liaise with your employer to discuss if any reasonable adjustments are required. If you feel you need one-to-one support we can discuss what Job Coaching support is available to you.

Living outside Wokingham?

The Supported Employment Team are able to support people living outside the Wokingham Borough.  If you would like more information please complete our inquiry form by clicking here.

Find out more about Ace@Optalis from students who have taken part in the course

The Supported Employment Service now has a youtube channel to promote their fabulous work. CEO Martin Farrow introduces a suite of videos featuring customers talking about how the Ace@Optalis course has benefited them by supporting them to find employment.

There is also a video of Josh Hancock, a member of the Supported Employment Service team talking about his role.

You can view the videos here or click below to see some our customers talking about the Ace@Optalis course.


You can view Josh Hancock talking about his role below:

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