Peripatetic Services

Transforming the shape of future care.

At Optalis we aspire to be the leaders in our field, providing safe, innovative and supportive care services. Inspired by our customers and built on our principles of maximising the potential of the people we work with, Optalis have established our new Peripatetic Service in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council.

Our three focused areas – Creating stability, Driving quality and Innovating for the future are designed to enhance the quality of living for each of our customers.

This trailblazing service has been created to transform the shape of future care, through three approaches:

Our specialist team has considerable experience and expertise to support local providers to deliver safe and effective care by trained and experienced staff. The team have the flexibility to stay involved for as long as required, meaning they can respond to local needs and demands in an agile and effective way.

Our team work closely with our partners and commissioners to respond to new and changing demands for care and support services in the area. We work with local customers, their support networks, and commissioners to innovate and reform the types of services and support that are available to people now and in the future.

We will provide intensive support to establish the service, employ relevant staff and agree the transition plan for the service to move to the appropriate Registered Manager. Working through the transition plan, the team gradually step back over time, as the service is transferred to the long term Registered Manager.

We set up services for success

We work with our partners, colleagues, customers and their families to continually share and learn from each other to improve the quality of all services within Optalis and the wider community, enriching the lives of our customers.

Drive up quality and create stability in a supportive environment

Our intensive support process follows several steps:

  1. We meet with the team consisting of the service staff, the families and the customers who are receiving care and support to find out what is working well, what needs improving and agree the priorities.
  2. We then develop a plan together with the team and other key stakeholders e.g. Professionals, CQC etc to agree the changes and solutions.
  3. Our team support the service to sharing best practice, implement the changes and achieve the agreed outcomes.
  4. We stay with the service in the background and support you through issues that may arise from the changes, slowly stepping back as the service improves and stabilises and the team feels ready.

We recognise and understand that stability and resilience help to ensure that services continue to offer safe, effective and supportive care. However, at times this may change due to life events or unforeseen circumstances. It is at these times when our peripatetic team are available to provide trusted and expert support to teams in these services.

Our ability to respond quickly can assist teams with unforeseen issues in the services or regulatory support. Depending on the circumstances, one of our team members, or the whole team, can provide day-to-day operational support to maintain stability for both staff and customers or background support to the whole service team.

Once the service has stabilised and returned to its normal operation, the peripatetic team will follow an agreed exit plan to leave the service and handover to the regular onsite support and management team.

We guide you to deliver high quality care