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Sharon’s blog

Tuesday 6 March 2018

"Well we survived the Xmas period probably one of the busiest times of the year for our service, as there is constant pressure from hospitals who have the ever increasing issue of too many patients and not enough beds!

"I’m not sure where 2017 went  but we have suddenly found ourselves in 2018 and there have been some changes in our structure with myself managing both the community based START and HOMECARE teams, which is great for me as the two teams have always been very closely aligned and work exceptionally well together.    We have welcomed some new care staff into our services which is great and we look forward to them becoming part of the teams and expanding the services where possible.

"2018 has certainly started with a bang what with the ever increasing pressures the NHS have been under a plethora of bugs and viruses to choose from, ongoing roadworks and then as if that wasn’t enough the “Beast from the East” decided to get in on the act and add additional pressure to us!

"Obviously no-one had told any of the above about the tenacity, dedication and commitment of the Homecare and START teams and their determination to ensure that nothing would get in the way of them delivering the excellent service that our customers have come to love and depend on.  Plans were immediately put into action to ensure that we were covered for every eventuality and that all contingencies had been thought of and solutions found.   As usual the teams selfless attitude, which is appreciated but never taken for granted, kicked in as it does at times of great pressure and stress on the services.  Days off were cancelled, double shifts were worked, calls were done by Senior Staff as well as doing their daily “office jobs” and staff bandied together to help each other out where possible.  It was heartwarming as a Manager to see everyone pulling in the same direction with one common goal of continuity of service no matter what!!! And to do this with a smile on your face and a sense of pride is even better.

"I can truly say that managing the START and Homecare Teams makes me very proud and the can do attitude and sheer zest for what they do is truly remarkable, though don’t tell them as I don’t know if I can afford doughnuts for them all!!!"

If you would like to work in this inspirational team, please visit our jobs page: www.optalis.org/jobs

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