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Sharon’s blog

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Well last year we thought it was hot. But no-one was prepared for the prolonged heat we have endured - sorry – ‘enjoyed’ this year. Yet again our frontline heroes are out there making sure that all our customers are staying hydrated, cool, and safe.  Not all of us feel the heat the same of course. For example, some of our customers still have all the windows closed and the heating on! As you can appreciate, this is a challenge in itself during an 8 hour shift with a nylon uniform on. 

Eating properly during hot weather is something we can all struggle with (who wants to put on an oven that just creates even more heat in the house), but it can be particularly harmful for our customers as insufficient nutrition can make them weaker and lower their immunity, therefore making them more prone to falls or infection.  So it is essential that we encourage regular meals even if they are only snacks and treats on every visit. Who can say no to a sweet treat or a cooling ice cream on a hot day?

So if we are thinking of complaining because someone has turned up the air con and we may have to put on another layer, spare a thought for those that don’t have that luxury. Let’s be honest. There is not much more our team can take off whilst still remaining within the realms of decency.  And yet they still do all this with a smile on their face, oh and a cold bottle of water and the promise of an ice lolly to say thanks from their grateful manager!                                                                                                                                 

Our other challenge is of course holidays, which let’s face it we all work hard for and really need to be taking to ensure we can relax and recharge our batteries.  The teams have been great in stepping in and covering additional shifts and swapping shifts with colleagues to facilitate holiday dates requested – that is real team work!!

We are very pleased to welcome a couple of new members to the teams. Whilst some of them are still undergoing their training and shadowing, others now feel confident enough to be out in the field, with the help and support of their colleagues and Seniors.

Here's a question for you:

What is the difference between Good and Optalis Carers?

Answer: Optalis Carers know that they can’t heal everyone, but they can make their lives better by providing a better quality of life.

That’s what we do every day!

If you would like to join either of our fabulous teams, we are recruiting at the moment. You are very welcome to give me a call and we can have a chat in more detail: 0118 977 8613/0118 974 6923.

Sharon Cowie, START and Homecare Manager

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