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Optalis staff raise money for new dementia charity

Thursday 12 July 2012

Having only launched a few weeks ago, Optalis wanted to help boost YPWD’s start up funds and set up a staff raffle with prizes donated from local businesses such as WGK restaurant, TG Art
Gallery, The Regal Picturehouse, and PureSpa Products - asking for donations along the way.

Optalis raised a total of £208 for the charity. Caroline Blanchette, trustee at YPWD said: “We were delighted when we were told that Optalis would be raising money to support our new charity.  We are looking forward to making a difference within the local area and this money will assist us in doing this.  Our thanks go to all at Optalis for choosing us.  It is very much appreciated.”

Alain Wilkes, Wokingham Borough Council service manager for commissioning and YPWD committee member, said: “Within West Berkshire there are very few services available of this kind, and the client group can be overlooked because a larger number of older people develop dementia. Dementia in a younger person is devastating for the whole family and often impacts on employment, teenage children and finances.

"As a charity, YPWD aim both to raise awareness and to offer support and respite to individual with young onset dementia and their immediate family, and Optalis are boosting their ability to do this right from the start with the money they’ve raised.”

A cheque will be presented to YPWD by Optalis’ managing director Andrew Pickup later this month.

Younger People With Dementia (YPWD) official website

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