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Optalis customers get squeaky clean to help those in need

Monday 15 April 2019

Optalis’ customers from Oakbridge and Boyn Grove Day Services spent the day with the friendly team at Clean Conscience, a charity that reduces the amount of soap and toiletry waste going to landfill.

Clean Conscience works alongside hotels and toiletry manufacturers to ensure that the maximum amount of partially used hotel soap and toiletries are recovered, re-purposed and redistributed for the benefit of those most in need of hygiene.

The eager individuals spent the day sorting soap and toiletries, emptying the containers of any unused product and repacking and labelling.

The products are then distributed to foodbanks and homeless shelters for people who don’t have access to these basic hygiene goods. 

Emma Coates, Personal Organiser at Boyn Grove Day Services said: “Our customers have been buzzing since having the opportunity to volunteer at Clean Conscience.

“There have also been 'wow' moments too, where customers who haven't been enthusiastic about an activity have absolutely loved it here.

"They really enjoyed the experience and were full of enthusiasm. They felt they had contributed to something very useful and are looking forward to regularly supporting the charity.”

Customers also enjoyed preparing left-over soap from Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, which is recycled and donated to charities in Sierra Leone.

Optalis strives to ensure its customers are able to fulfil their potential and positively contribute to society, this project was a great example of supporting a local charity that makes a difference to those in need.

To find out more about Clean Conscience, visit https://cleanconscience.org.uk/

For more information about Optalis, contact 0118 977 8600 or visit www.optalis.org.

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