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Optalis announces commitment to Governance and Quality

Monday 16 April 2018

Optalis has committed to delivering high quality, sustainable services to our customers. We plan to achieve this through clear policies and by following the ‘Governance and Quality Framework’ to Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Quality Lead Kirsty Skrzypczak says, "To develop our culture of continuous improvement the Governance and Quality Assurance team provide information and guidance to inform best practice. We have developed a set of roles and responsibilities to ensure that this happens and have committed to the following:

  • The Adult Governance and Quality Assurance team work closely with service managers to deliver a consistent standard of care to our customers
  • The Governance and Quality Assurance team combine a number of functions relating to Management Information, Performance Monitoring and Reporting, Strategic Safeguarding, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, Quality Monitoring for Internal and External Services, Project Management and Business Support to offer assurance, direction and guidance to the wider statutory teams and functions across the Optalis Services."

This year a series of Quality Workshops commenced across Optalis. Key front-line colleagues, managers and the Senior Management Team attended the workshops with the purpose of improving the effectiveness of the Optalis quality assurance framework to ensure it aligns with our 2020 strategic objectives of quality, growth and value, customers and staff.

Optalis CEO Martin Farrow is fully behind this programme. He says, “Quality is everyone’s business and we need every team to contribute to the review, design and implementation of our quality assurance framework.”

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