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Celebrating World Autism Day

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Meet Jordan….

Jordan is 26 and has autism and a learning disability. He attends Optalis Earley Day Service  full time.

When Jordan first started at the service, there were regular behavioural incidents, where he would get angry, agitated or anxious. Fast-forward five years and Jordan is happy and settled.

Maz Burgisser is deputy manager at the day service. She says the team adopted several approaches to help Jordan achieve these positive changes. These included giving Jordan structure, good communication, trust, self-regulation skills and trigger points, while setting out clear rules and boundaries.

“It’s amazing when you start to think about how far Jordan has come,” said Maz. “He’s a different person from the one who joined us five years ago.”

Julia Harris, Head of Non-Regulated Services said, “Autism Week is a time to embrace the minds that are different and accept that it’s OK to paint outside of the lines.” 

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