10 stories for 10 years project

Optalis celebrated a big milestone in 2021: 10 years of helping colleagues and customers to fulfil their potential! The official “birthday” is June 6, but during the summer we celebrated some of our achievements and milestones with a series of articles.

The idea for this project was to introduce the themes that make Optalis who and what it is, focusing on our growth, quality, co-design and partnerships. Within these articles, we celebrate the examples of excellence all of our teams deliver. 

It has been a challenge to showcase the diversity of Optalis, its strengths, and all of the good work our people do every day. Within these articles, we have shared some of the examples we have found, however, there is and continues to be much more to us.

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Lifting spirits through letters

Maddie, aged 14 talked about writing letters to residents as part of her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. The benefits it brought to herself and the people receiving them.