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Every month we have lots of positive comments about the work of our teams. You can read more about how our colleagues go the extra mile below:

Compliment of the Month

“Westmead Day Centre Wears a smile.  It has a quality of care that others can only aspire to.  The attention to Customer's needs is without Parallel in understanding their individuality.  Every Carer is equipped with a clear detailed Care Plan custom-made to individual customer's needs.  Both customer and Carer are buoyed up by the bright, clean and friendly "Westmead Effect" atmosphere  Carers work with enlightenment to systematically deal with a customer's personal issues.  No problem is deemed unsurmountable.  Customers breathe the pure air of safe, dignified welfare sensitively provided with a ready smile.”

“Dear Jema - I've been in my new job for 12 working days now, it’s a bit tentative!  Wish me luck, I will be in touch soon but this is just a thank you note.  Thanks for all the advice, thanks for all the support, thanks for all your input and suggestions. And thanks for everything else too!!”

“Thank you, Fiona Young for looking at me as a whole person - which has made a real difference to my life. It has given me hope, something I have not had for a long time.”

“Thank you for a superb service delivered for my father. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to Janet and her team.  You allowed my father his dignity and the 9 days back home had meant everything to him and me.”

“I am writing to commend an excellent young lady Manager at Alexandra Place - Natalie.  She is brilliant, and a treasure, and an employee who deserves someone remarking on her professionalism, care, kindness and sheer humanity.”

“N has been with Earley Day services for 10 years & has never expressed anything but praise for the staff & activities he receives. I find them approachable, kind, caring & supportive. Both of us cannot recommend their support as anything but excellent.”

“G sang your praises today and said you were marvellous and how hard you worked for them.”

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