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START stands for Short-Term Assessment and Reablement Team.

The START Team is part of the Wokingham Integrated Social Care and Health Team (WISH). The service is person-centred and tailored to your care and support needs. Working with other members of the WISH Team, our aim is to promote the wellbeing of adults with care and support needs (and/or their carers).

Our experienced and friendly team will work with you to help you to regain your independence so that you can manage everyday activities as far as possible. There are two aspects to the service:

Assessment - This is a limited period of care and support during which time the team will help you identify any long-term care needs.
Reablement  - The focus is on being to enable you to retain/regain skills/confidence so that you can maintain your independence at home.

START is provided for up to 6 weeks but the timing, frequency and length of visits may alter during your assessment period and these changes are a fundamental part of the reablement process.

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