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Winston Court 

Our small 8 bedroom residential care home offers 24 hour personal and practical support to people with learning disabilities within a safe and caring environment. Located near local shops and a pub, in a quiet residential street, we provide person-centred support and care. Everyone who lives in Winston has their own bedroom, which we encourage them to decorate and personalise. We also have a shared living room, dining room and kitchen. Our large accessible garden also offers easy access to enjoy the outdoors.  

Our skilled and caring team are here to help you live as independently as possible, with added support where you need it. We work with you to create your own person-centred support plan, which will change with you as and when you need it, to ensure we meet all of your requirements. We understand how important it is for everyone to live a full and active life, so we work with you to ensure that we offer a wide range of activities, from learning domestic tasks to attending college local day services, and plenty of time for fun. Every customer's plan is different so that you can set your own goals and do the activities you enjoy.  

We work with our customers to have a say about their home in regular house meetings. We also get together with house parties, sports competitions and fundraising events as well as many other gatherings and special days to ensure that everyone enjoys time with local friends, family and their community. 

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