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Keep Safe Stay Well

This is a service designed to provide early help so that people stay as well and independent as possible, and has a particular focus on falls prevention. The service actively helps people to get what they need to keep safe and stay well.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone aged 18+ registered living in the local authority area, who - has had a fall,
  • Thinks they may be at risk of falling,
  • Feels they are struggling to manage independently,
  • Feels isolated,
  • Wants to know more about looking after their health and ‘ageing well’.

What will it do?

  • Undertake falls prevention work with people at risk of falling, or who have recently had a fall, as well as raising awareness of falls prevention,
  • Provide individuals and groups with advice and help to stay mobile and keep safe and well at home,
  • Help people access specific services, clubs, aids / equipment, projects or resources that may help them, 
  • Build natural community supports around people, particularly those who live alone and/or are isolated, 
  • Advise carers and others supporting people who are at risk of falling.

How you can get help

By telephone to the Advice and Information Team Monday – Thursday 08:45am – 5:15 pm and Fridays 08:45am – 4:45pm

Phone number: 01628 683744 and will be charged at local rate.

People are welcome to refer themselves for help, but we know that many won’t do so without encouragement. We hope that you will tell people about the service, encourage and support people to use it and, with their agreement, make referrals for people who want and need the help.

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