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Our Foot Care Service - A professional, friendly service to keep your feet healthy

We offer a quality service delivered through our own Foot Care Assistant who has received training from a qualified NHS Podiatrist.
Our service also works in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council’s Falls Prevention Programme.

We can provide you with all aspects of basic foot care:

  • Toenail cutting
  • Filing of toenails
  • Bathing of feet
  • Cream application to feet

Call us today to arrange an appointment and our friendly team will arrange an appointment for you at your convenience.

Call us on (0118) 974 6923

On your first visit, the Foot Care Assistant will ask you some questions about your medical history. This is because there are some medical conditions that can affect your feet and may require you to have your foot care provided by a registered Podiatrist. After we have taken some details we will arrange your first appointment.

All new customers pay a one-off charge for a foot file and clippers (this is for hygiene reasons).

You will then only pay a service fee per appointment (Please contact us for current fees.)

How to pay for our service

Every time you use the Foot Care Service we will send you an invoice.
You can pay in one of the following ways:

  • Call (0118) 977 8600 and you can pay over the phone
  • Send a cheque (to the address on the back of this leaflet)
  • Pay directly into our account using the details on the invoice we send you, either through visiting your bank or online
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