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How super staff can lead to super service

The right staff are any company’s most important asset, and this is particularly true in adult social care.

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Quality Activities = Quality Care

In a special 'guest blog', our award-winning Activities Coordinator writes about the importance of quality activities for people suffering from dementia.


Continuity Counts

Continuity is fundamental to high-quality care. In fact, I’ve left this topic to the last of my four-part series of blogs on quality care because I believe it is the most important aspect of every homecare service. It’s also the hardest part to get right.

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A living wage means better quality of life all round

Paying all your employees enough to live on seems not just morally right to me, but also good business sense. Attracting staff from a wider pool of people, benefits local communities and society as a whole too. So why is it that, as my 11 year-old son rightly asked, the minimum wage is not the same as a living wage?


No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to LATCs

For local authorities faced with finding ways to deliver in-house care services more cost-effectively, there is now an alternative that is gaining interest. It presents less risk and promises to deliver savings and better quality services in a shorter time frame.

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Zero Hour Contracts: a two-way street if used properly

Here's the second in the series of blogs written by our Managing Director. This month we focus on the use of zero hour contracts in adult social care. Can they be mutually beneficial to both the employer and the employee?

"This type of contract can help care providers meet the challenge of matching tight home visit rotas to staff availability, and means they have workers who can be called on as extra cover in an emergency, or to provide low-risk additional staffing to get a new service up and running."


When 15 Minutes Just Isn’t Enough

In the first of four blogs, written in the run up to Good Care Week in April, Optalis' Managing Director Andrew Pickup explores the world of 15 minute calls in homecare.

"In an ideal world, care workers would always have ample time to give every person exactly the care they need, without rushing. But the reality is that public sector budget cuts make that an impossible dream."