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START was just what I needed

Mrs Oldfield was preparing to come home from hospital, following an operation to have her lower leg amputated. She admitted to feeling nervous about the thought of going home, as she was not quite sure how she was going manage.

She was told on the Wednesday that she would be receiving support from the Short Term Assessment and Reablement Team (START), when she left hospital. On the Friday she was discharged and Denise from the START Team was there to meet her at home. Mrs Oldfield said “Denise explained to me what was going to happen. She said that staff would be coming to check how well I could get on with day-to-day tasks, and help me with anything that I couldn’t manage on my own. On the first day David helped me to wash my hair. It was the first time I’d used a perching stool, so he showed me what to do. Having him there gave me the confidence I needed to get on with it. The next day Lisa watched me put the washing on, then she helped me to hang it on the airer.”   

Mrs Oldfield talked about how her independence was encouraged “I was pleased with the approach that the START Team took. I didn’t want help if I could manage for myself.” She also explained how the flexible nature of the service, enabled her to maintain a sense of choice and control. She was able to determine what aspects of her daily routine she would need assistance with, and the level and frequency of support. 

[Text Box: Jodie Reichelt, Customer Experience Champion February 2019 ] At the start Mrs Oldfield was uncertain how she would adjust to life after her operation. She said “I had no idea what I would be able to cope with. If I was left alone to manage, I would have been very frightened.” As it happens, Mrs Oldfield made remarkable progress and within just 2 weeks, no longer had a need for the START team’s support. She reflected “I didn’t know what to expect, but what happened was exactly what I needed.” 

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